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Dr. Karp's Plan of Action

  • During my previous years of service on the School Board, constituents received a response from me within 24 hours (or less, if urgent). Expect that to continue.
  • Worked to ensure that all children reached their full potential. Expect that to continue.
  • Listened to people in a respectful way. Expect that to continue.
  • Kept politics out of school discussions and policies. Expect that to continue.
  • I will work to expand afterschool programming. Many problems can be avoided if children are engaged in fun and meaningful supervised activities after school.
  • I will dedicate my time to see that every student graduates with a skill whether it is coding, robotics, auto maintenance, or another specialty.
  • I will dedicate my time towards supporting "real" P.E. where students are moving around.
  • I will encourage more field trips. Let's make school fun!
  • Advocate for Augmented Intelligence, which aims to enhance and support human intelligence. Emphasize teacher training from elementary to high school in all areas of technology to make Miami-Dade County Public Schools the Technology Hub in the State of Florida. Direct staff to pursue grants from the National Science Foundation and Department of Education.