The quotes below were obtained from e-mails, social media posts, other online posts, and handwritten letters. Teacher, faculty, and student names are not provided at this time except for those I could reach at the time this was posted. This is not a comprehensive list as some correspondences included confidential information.


Marty, Thanks for standing up for us so we can stand up for our students. Karen Aronowitz, President, United Teachers of Dade

Karp’s vote for public school funding makes the grade! United Teachers of Dade (literature)

Dr. Karp, I hold you in exceptionally high regard on both a professional and personal level and know the talent and wealth of experience you bring. James R. Haj, CEO, The Children’s Trust

You mean the world to the school. I am so happy that you are part of so much of what we do. I am very grateful. Thank you. Rabbi Yitzhak Zweig, President, Talmudic University

You were perfect last night. Your words were impactful and moving. Thank you for joining us and inspiring our community to lead by example. Warmest regards, Leslie Dr. Leslie Rosenfeld, Chief Learning and Development Officer

I am very impressed with your caring and concern for MDCPS students. Elaine Liftin Council for Educational Change

Dear Dr. Karp, There isn’t a sufficient number of thanks to give to you. Warmly, Eveleen Lorton The Zelda Glazer Writing Institute

I really think you are a Tzadick and it is an honor to be a friend and partner in our children’s education!!! Rabbi Yisroel Janowski, Head of School

You personify the dictum from our Sages "Who is a wise man?" One who learns from all people." This is reflected by your unique ability to find the common ground between all people and thereby discover a synergistic solution even in the thorniest circumstances. You are a true gift to our entire educational system on all levels. May HaShem continue to give you the strength and wisdom to help His People. Rabbi Akiva Zweig, Rosh Yeshiva, Talmudic University (and Sarah Zweig & family)

Since joining our YES/YMS family, you have greatly influenced every aspect of our school. Your experience, expertise and ongoing care have a profound impact on our students, teachers and administration. Rabbi Yosef Zemel, Principal, YMS

Your contribution to education in South Florida over the last twenty-five years is truly remarkable. We are so proud to have you as an integral part of our educational team. Perhaps more importantly--you are an amazing person to know you is to love you. Rabbi Yitzhak Zweig, President, Talmudic University (and family)

Dr. Karp has given himself duly to the cause of education and we are lucky to have his expertise and dedication focused on the students of YES. Rabbi Chaim Friedman, Development Director, Talmudic University (and Shaindy Friedman)

It has been amazing getting to know you and seeing all the amazing things that you have already done for the YES family and organization. Your passion and warm ways are inspirational and so very much appreciated. Rabbi Daniel Presberg, Principal, YES Girls

Thank you for all of your time, guidance and support. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are remarkable and have a powerful impact on the entire staff, parent and student body. Having the merit to observe and interact with you daily has been an awesome privilege. May you continue to go from strength to strength. Rabbi Elchanan Zweig, Principal, YES Boys

You see each student as an individual with unique strengths and interests and you believe in the potential for every child to be a successful learner. Mrs. Sharon Levine, Associate Principal, YES

Your outstanding service as Underwriting Director, both individually and as a leader of your team, provided the most underwriting in the history of WVUM. Thank you for this service, not only to WVUM, but also to the whole University family. William R. Butler, Vice President for Student Affairs, University of Miami