The quotes below were obtained from e-mails, social media posts, other online posts, and handwritten letters. Teacher, faculty, and student names are not provided at this time except for those I could reach at the time this was posted. This is not a comprehensive list as some correspondences included confidential information.


I want to congratulate you on a distinguished career on the School Board...you did a tremendous job and stellar service. Jerry Libbin, former Miami Beach Commissioner, President and CEO, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce

Dear Vice-Chair Karp, I personally value your commitment to our school. You handle every complicated detail with dignity and grace. Your professionalism and enthusiasm are contagious. and in a separate correspondence… You gave a great talk today…the students have remarkable respect for you and your message was clear, simple, and right to the point.  Congratulations. Ileene Ileene Wallace, Mayor

Echoing the chorus of praise and thanks to Dr. Karp for your service to our District! Commissioner Dana Goldman

Thank you, Martin, for your outstanding service. Rep. Joe Geller

Thank you, Dr. Karp. You have been an inspiration to all of us. Commissioner Gladys Mezrahi

Dr. Karp, you have made all of us that know you proud! Thank you! Phyllis Smith, Commissioner

Thanks for your never-ending help and dedication, Marty. David L. Templer, Commissioner

I appreciate your concern and leadership. Paul Paul Novack, former Mayor

I loved working with you and your schools. Sally Heyman, Miami-Dade County Commissioner

Now serving my second term as Aventura City Commissioner, I have interacted with hundreds of politicians and government officials. Martin Karp, the Miami-Dade School Board member for District 3, is one of the most genuine…his commitment to student achievement was obvious and serious…Martin Karp is an open book. He genuinely cares about our kids. Zev Auerbach, Aventura Vice Mayor