On May 18, 2022 the School Board of Miami-Dade County (M-DCPS) approved a resolution recognizing Dr. Karp for his many years of service and dedication to the students and families of M-DCPS. You may click on the Video Link to see the Board Members' comments in their entirety--the agenda item starts at 1:44:00 (one hour 45 minutes into the video) and concludes at 2:26:10. Some of the quotes below are extracted from the video.

School Board Members

Words cannot express my gratitude for all that you have done for me personally and professionally. Truly, your legacy lives on in the way that you led, guided, and propelled us. Lucia Baez-Geller, District 3

We will always continue to see you as a brother and as a remarkable educational leader that you have been for Miami-Dade County Public Schools starting as a teacher. Dr. Lubby Navarro, District 7

You are a man of convicted faith. Family is at the foundation of what you represent. You are committed to children and service. Dr. Steve Gallon III, Vice Chair, District 1

You always were the one that tried to find the middle ground; I truly admire you because you always wanted to be the mediator to bring everyone together. You served on the Board for many years and made a positive impact on the lives of those you served. It was an honor to recognize you! Ms. Mari Tere Rojas, Chair, District 6

When you would bring your item every year, for us to understand different cultures and how we should treat each other, that was one of the delights of my year. Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall, District 2

I want to join in recognizing you, Dr. Karp, for your service, for all you’ve done for the children, for the families. Ms. Perla Tabares Hantman, Chair, District 4

You are such a remarkable husband and father. You are a representative of what a good father should be. Thank you for all your work for the School District and for the students of Miami-Dade County. Dr. Marta Perez, District 8

I know that you will continue to be an inspiration and motivation for the students, parents, and employees…Your dedication and passion for the total student is well documented and as your colleague, I applaud your untiring efforts for a better community and stronger public education system. Dr. Robert B. Ingram Former School Board Vice Chair

On behalf of many public school supporters, thank you for your hard work. Sincerely, Janet R. McAliley Former School Board Chair

GM Martin, I hope you and all in your family are well.  I read this piece by the rabbi and thought of you and the positive changes that have come about as a result of your public service over these years; the goodness created cannot be taken away. Have a blessed week and regards to your mom. Larry Dr. Larry Feldman, Former School Board Chair

I am very proud of you. You're doing a great job. Dr. Michael Krop Former School Board Chair