The quotes below were obtained from e-mails, social media posts, other online posts, and handwritten letters. Teacher, faculty, and student names are not provided at this time except for those I could reach at the time this was posted. This is not a comprehensive list as some correspondences included confidential information.


Dear Dr. Karp, I hope all is well. Our class would like to personally thank you for taking the time to speak with us this week. Your insight, experience, and wisdom helped to deconstruct some of the complex issues that face our county and our school. Thank you for bringing large issues to a student body deeply concerned about the well-being of our school and our education. Below are thank you notes from our individual staff members and our adviser. 

Dear Dr. Karp, First off, your answers are absolutely amazing! Thank you for the time you put into them. Most people would not care if the story was straight or not, but you made sure you had the right information before deadline!

Thank you for being a fantastic representative for our school and for really taking these large issues and explaining them in a way where we could really see their effects on our student body. 

Thank you, Dr. Karp so much for coming into our class and speaking on Miami Dade's school policy. I was enlightened by the complexity of the system, the different levels, and school funding.

Dear Dr. Karp, Thank you so much for taking the time to come to our class and give us insight on the various issues affecting Miami-Dade County Schools.

Thank you, Dr. Karp for such an intellectual and informative talk. It really brightened my spectrum of the rules and processes of the Miami-Dade Public School System.

Thank you so much for your kindness and time, I really enjoyed asking questions and getting answers from someone that can really make a difference in my daily life.

You inspired me that even I can reach my goal if I really focus hard. You also have lots of things to do.

Dear Dr. Karp, I’m so happy and grateful to have served alongside you on the Board. Student Advisor to the School Board

Dear Dr. Karp, I really respect all the things you do and I appreciate your guidance and assistance this year. Student Advisor to the School Board