Success Center Launches at Y.E.S

Along with administrative responsibilities as Dean of Academic Affairs and Community Engagement, I am back in the classroom and working with amazing children to maximize their potential.

This year at Yeshiva Elementary School, I created a Success Center program for students who require support in strengthening their skills in reading, language arts and mathematics. Specifically, enrolled students are learning strategies to successfully address academic challenges including dyslexia and ADHD. I did not want this to be a resource room where kids get pulled out of class to work on areas requiring improvement; rather, I am modeling it after a gifted program I co-created and where I was a teacher for 13 years.

The Success Center is designed to deliver a clear message that every child will enjoy learning and succeed. To accomplish this objective, I focus on each child’s strengths, assign projects to explore areas of interest, and give individualized instructions and strategies to improve in areas where each student is challenged while going at his own pace. Thus far, our shared experiences have been gratifying, uplifting, and rewarding to me not only as a supervisor and facilitator but as the lead teacher for these students.

While an emphasis is being placed on strengthening each child’s skills in reading, language arts and mathematics, the program is also providing an enrichment component, weekly STEM activities, and the inclusion of a speaker series. Students have begun to partake in team-building independent exercises using LEGO® Technic™ and programmable robotic kits. One of the STEM-related activities is being directed under the guidance of a local inventor and entrepreneur to help students develop academic, career and life skills by exploring and creating technology and converting ideas into tangible reality. Journal writing, critical thinking skills exercises, and projects based on students’ passions are also being afforded.

I am honored to work with children every day and to offer them guidance so they want to be productive and lifelong learners. The hope is for the participants in the Success Center to realize they need to work hard to overcome any challenges that they may have, but they could do it in a joyful, nurturing, and supportive environment. We maintain favorable student-teacher ratios, while emphasizing that each child has a unique gift. It is my goal to bring out the greatness in every student who comes through the doors of the Success Center.

Visits to the Success Center are welcome where you can see firsthand what is happening in my classroom. To schedule a visit, please email me at or contact me using one of the social media links posted on this website.