Yeshiva Elementary School, Yeshiva Middle School, Aderes, Mechina, Talmudic University
  • Created individualized educational projects using interest inventories for all Yeshiva Elementary School (Y.E.S) and Yeshiva Middle School (Y.M.S) boys based on each student's passions.
  • Implemented a new evidence-based assessment program for pre-testing and post-testing all K-8 students on both the boys’ and girls’ campuses for the purpose of improving instructional outcomes.
  • Expanded the use of an instructional connection tool to complement the assessment program. That connection emphasizes personalized learning, individual guidance, and real-time analytics, while meeting the unique needs of each learner.
  • Created a Keser Shem Tov project for all Y.E.S boys where students are asked to generate lists of positive character attributes of their fellow students and teachers. This project allows for students to identify the “good” in others.
  • Initiated the Y.M.S Wellness Speaker Series, which has thus far included guests who addressed issues such as maintaining good credit and good health.
  • Began building relationships with local elected officials, which has provided multiple opportunities for community stakeholder visits to our campuses.
  • Began increasing awareness in English and Spanish media of our programs that directly benefit the community such as the Food Ko-Op, and availability of Bikur Cholim suites. More information is available in the News tab of this website.
  • Created a new program called the SUCCESS CENTER for students at Y.E.S., which began its implementation in August 2022. The program is designed to deliver a clear message that every child will enjoy learning and succeed. To accomplish this objective, we focus on each child’s strengths, assign projects to explore students' interests, and give individualized instruction and strategies to improve where each student is challenged while going at his own pace. The Success Center is modeled in the fashion of a gifted program. While an emphasis is being placed on strengthening each child’s skills in reading, language arts and mathematics, the program is also providing an enrichment component, weekly STEM activities, and the inclusion of a speaker series.
  • Worked with the Mechina High School administration in implementing a new math curriculum.
  • Recommended the formation of Y.M.S Student Government.
  • Worked on policy updates including those that pertain to IT and substance abuse.
  • Distributed Interview Guidelines and created supplemental questions for prospective employees.
  • Refined detention protocols.
  • Collaborated with marketing director on the mission statement and placement of programs and promotional materials on local blogs and in publications.
  • Utilized Facebook live to promote the consortium of schools and to provide information about our programs.
  • Strengthened connections to local schools in the community.
  • As a host school, worked with Teach FL to organize and celebrate the one-year anniversary of the largest expansion of school choice options in State history.
  • Worked with staff in expanding efforts to recruit employees.